Best Manicure at Home

Best Manicure at Home

Hey, It's Karen and I want to give you the steps for a classic, salon manicure at home. If the thought of polishing your nails gives you anxiety, then prep your nails at home and go to the salon for just a polish or nail art. To prep your nails follow these simple steps:

1) Wash hands, remove polish & clip nails to desired length.

2) There are 2 sides to most files (course & soft). Shape with the course & smooth edges with the soft side.

3) Soak your nails in warm lotion (optional). If you want to soak in warm water you can but just for a minute (water swells the nail & is not recommended for an extended period).

4) Remove residue & apply cuticle softener. 

5) Gently push & cut excessive cuticle from the nail bed. Don't overdo it with the cuticle pusher and the cutter or you may develop hang nails. Our Revitalizing Cuticle Oil prevents hang nails. Lotion is too thick and will not penetrate as well as an oil.

6) Apply - Massage - And Buff Off remaining Revitalizing Cuticle Oil.

7) Finish with a shine buffer to create a beautiful natural sheen.

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