Hell Ya!  Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment ...

Hell Ya! Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment ...

Did You Know…There is a Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment Available?

That's great news because 80% of skin cancers occur on the head and neck. (This includes exposed areas on the scalp according to Dr. Orit Markowitz.)

Dr. Orit Markowitz is a leading dermatologist and skin cancer specialist. She has been coined as a “dermatologic pioneer” for her groundbreaking work in developing minimally-invasive diagnostic and treatment protocols for skin cancer. Since most skin cancers are on the head and neck….Who needs cutting/scarring on this part of the body? Her choice strategy is using a laser-scanning microscope for diagnosing and a noninvasive laser for skin cancer treatment (covered by many insurance companies).  I love her motto…Cutting Edge Without the Cutting ™ 

Advancement in protocols and technology over the past decade has exploded (thank God) as skin cancer is on the rise. What will Dr. Markowitz think of next?

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